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Our Safety Promise

JTS Transport Inc. is committed to continuously developing the best training programs to prevent accidents and ensure safety for its drivers effectively.


Our goal is to maintain a loss prevention program that can help our drivers take safer actions, make smarter decisions, and protect our company assets.

Company Programs:

Driver Safety 

  • It is based on the federally approved DOT regulatory training program.

  • Relearn all the necessary knowledge about smart and safe driving.

  • Interactive communication-the driver understands the company's safety culture.

  • It will be continuously updated as all federal policies are revised.

  • The trainer focuses on all BASIC categories.

Preventive Vehicle Maintenance Plan

A complete preventive vehicle maintenance plan has been implemented and updated in accordance with DOT regulations. The plan will be continuously monitored to ensure compliance. In addition, all vehicles entering and leaving the terminal will be inspected by our fleet maintenance technicians.

Driver Qualification Controls

We make every effort to select our drivers and receive extensive training on all federal safety regulations. Our drivers develop and enhance safe and courteous decision-making on the road. We have the latest technology on driver qualification documents and can provide usable copies: Electronic imaging of all driver files, electronic notification of all upcoming documents in advance, detailed document compliance report.

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